The small port of Halki in Greece a perfect place to end after a day sailing from or before sailing back to Rhodes

Sailing Holiday Greece with Skipper and Crew

Walter is one of our skippers and the owner of Ocean Nomads. Walter has been sailing on the Greek waters for a number of years. After finishing his career in Holland, his job before he started Ocean Nomads, he went to South Africa for a couple of months to get his commercially endorsed RYA certification to start as a charter skipper. He is a real outdoor person and loves to teach everyone everything he knows.

Our Hostess and Deckhand Alexandra is Greek and thus knows everything there is to know about the country, culture and customs. Besides being a hostess she is also a qualified dietician and fantastic cook. If you and your party are interested in full-board it can be discussed with us.

The crew of Ocean Nomads on a sailing trip in Greece Hanse 400 under sail in Greece Skipper having some relaxing time sailing the Ionian Sea in the port of Kioni

Jane is also a certified deckhand and hostess and would love to invite you on board. Jane is English and loves to be around the sea. She left England after her studies, speaks English, Italian and Croatian, and know lots of details about Greece. If she is not sailing with us she is traveling around the Mediterranean and writing for travel guides.

Why a Sailing Holiday Greece with a skipper?

Sailing with a skipper in Greece is interesting for many different reasons. It sounds obvious that when there is no sailing experience at all a skipper is required. But also for people with sailing licenses a skipper can be relaxing. The skipper knows the different areas, the local weather and the best places for anchoring, swimming, snorkeling and of coarse eating.

Sailing with a skipper does not mean that you don’t have to anything on the boat. Especially when entering and leaving a marina or harbor, some help is required. And depending on your wishes the skipper will join you for dinner or stay on the yacht. You can find the details of our skipper here.

One of our clients said:

"I do have my sailing license and I can sail anywhere I want with my family, but I just don’t want the hassle. With a skipper I can take control anytime I want to sail but not have the stress of finding out where to go and how to get there."

Do we need additional crew on a sailing holiday Greece?

Besides the skipper a deckhand/hostess is helpful when entering and leaving a marina or port and during the anchoring. She will also help running the yacht. A deckhand/hostess will make sure your cabins are made up in the morning and the saloon and kitchen stay clean. Furthermore she will help with shopping, preparing breakfast and lunch, and keeping an eye on your children.

What our guests had to say about our sailing crew and sailing holidays Greece:

Skipper and crew having dinner on Ithaka after a day sailing The island of Poros, close to Athens Happy family sailing in the Dodecanese with Ocean Nomads

-- Bob and Joan from Canada wrote --
"We experienced and learned so much more about the food, culture and customs of Greece from our Captain, Walter than if we had travelled on our own. We remember the wonder of sailing up to a new island and being in awe of the white sugar cube buildings with brilliant blue trim standing out against an austere rocky landscape. It was neat to dock on main street and go across the street to a taverna restaurant.
Captain Walter quickly sensed our interests and helped us explore less touristy islands, towns from the Middle Ages with labyrinth streets and small fishing villages with an age old way of life. Iíd highly recommend sailing the Cyclades Islands and viewing their massive cliffs from the sea. We loved the experience of sampling and sharing a wide variety of Greek food. Walter saved us from the frustration of trying to read Greek menus. We canít forget the chocolate desserts!"

-- Henry wrote --
"Hi Walter, Just a brief note of appreciation for all your efforts last week. Personally, I learned a lot just by watching you in action (and also learning just how much I have to learn in the art of sailing and boat handling). I gained a great respect for your sailing abilities and also really appreciated your people-skills, cultural knowledge, and social skills."

-- Heather wrote --
"The skipper was full of information and friendly and relaxed he put everyone at easy. The sea is clear and blue, the islands with the churches perched on top will always remain a beautiful vision in my mind".

-- Jeffrey wrote --
"We had an excellent experience exploring the southern Cyclades. The value of our tour was the information provided by Captain Walter and his tailored service provided to our group - food that he helped us to experience and the unique places we visited that we would not find by ourselves."

-- Don and Maureen wrote --
"It was by far one of the best trips I have been on. The company was great and we are still amazed at the culture and beauty when we review our pictures. We appreciate the friendship and leadership you showed us throughout our sailing excursion."

-- Pete wrote --
"Thanks for an awesome trip Walter! We'll continue to sail around different islands every summer, but with the same skipper from now on. The entire group remembers the trip as a week in heaven :)!"

-- Rolf wrote --
"Ich war letztes Jahr mit dem Besitzer und Skipper Walter Kruk zwischen den Kykladen unterwegs, als er unsere Skipper war. Er ist nicht nur ein netter Kerl und guter Segler, er kennt auch Kultur, Kche sowie Geheimtips der Inseln gut und weiss diese auch den Gsten zu vermitteln.
So entstehen entspannende Reisen, welche trotzdem kulturell anspruchsvoller Reiselust Nahrung bieten.!"

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