Finding the right spot for anchor during the night.

Sailing and Cruising information for Greece

Greece is a sailing paradise and although Greece is one of the most visited European countries it is also one of the least known. At a geographical crossroads, the Modern Greek state dates only from 1830, and combines elements of the Balkans, Middle East and Mediterranean.

The difficulty for sailing on the Greek seas is to make a choice where you want to go. There are two areas to sail when you start from our Athens base without transferring the yacht to another port; these are the Argo-Saronic and the Cyclades . Athens is easily reached by plane through Athens international airport and before or after the sailing trip a visit to Athens is a very interesting addition to your stay in Greece .

The Ionian seas can be reached from Athens as a three-day or longer trip true the Gulf of Corinth and the Gulf of Patra. We do however organize sailing yachts and catamarans from Nidri, Corfu and Levkada. The Ionian has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and has more soft and predictable wind conditions. An alternative from flying to Athens is flying direct to Lefkada (Preveza) or Corfu . Both locations have an international Airport available although most flights to these locations are charter flights, not scheduled services. An option is to fly to Athens and then take an internal flight to the desired location (there are many airports in Greece an they can be reached from Athens so just let your imagination run free).

You can still find beautiful hiddrn treasures on the islands in Greece. Pefect day for exploring the islands

Follow the links for detailed information on the Sailig Area's and Sailing Routes in Greece

Sailing Area’s : Here you will find very condensed information about the sailing area’s we or you can cruise. If you want to explore something outside these three areas don’t hesitate to ask us, we might be able to supply!

Sailing Routes : In this section we have made a selection of the endless itineraries that you can make for you cruise around Greece . Please feel free to use these routes. If you have any comments or want to add your own route to this page visit us on facebook: Sailing Greece.



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