The marina in Pireaus. The same place where in ancient time the Greek galions where docked.

Choosing the right Sailboat or Catamaran for your sailing holiday in Greece

Depending on your wishes, the number of persons and the budget of the group choices need to be made about the type of the yacht; Sailboat or Catamaran, the size of the yacht and the number of cabins and bathrooms (the correct sailing term would be "heads"). As a experienced skipper in Greece I have the opportunity to sail many yachts from different, mostly private, boat owners. Based on these experiences I have made a small selection of yachts that I know are good and well maintained.

A Fountain Pagot catamaran on anchor in one of the bays close to Athens A Ocean Star 56.1 sailing yacht beautiful sailing on the Greek seas

Why Sailing in a Catamaran in Greece?

The catamaran is one of the oldest boat designs in the world. For thousands of years, people traveled great distances across the unpredictable Pacific in twin hulled vessels because they were extremely efficient to propel. Twin-hull designs have been used ever since for the very same reasons. Boaters in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa have used the twin-hull design for the past three decades to navigate and fish some of the wildest seas in the world and even commercial ferries use the catamaran design for its greater load capacity, stability and comfort for passengers. Do we need to say more!

The reasons why you should charter a catamaran in Greece:

  • The small draft of a catamaran allows you to anchor in shallow bays or very close to the beach, which leads to more privacy and more options to drop anchor. You can also find places in ports where deep keeled sailing yachts can not;
  • There is minimum heeling and more stability which can help to avoid seasickness;
  • A catamaran has about the volume of a 10'(3 meter) longer monohull i.e. a 42' catamaran has about the space of a 52' monohull. To put it simply: there is more room on deck and inside;
  • The right party boat but also the elderly will and the benefit of the stable and spacious deck with no steps between inside and outside;
  • The autopilot steers very well, because the hulls as well as the two rudders give good tracking;
  • Somewhat faster as long as you are not overloaded, not sailing close hauled, and when sailing with enough wind;
  • More privacy, since the sleeping accommodations, heads and showers are totally separate, located in each hull and in opposite corners;
  • Practical storage of the dinghy pulled into the davits aft between the hulls. And possible a bigger dingy and stronger outboard engine.

Available Catamarans in Greece

Most of the catamarans that are available in Greece can be described as charter-catamarans. The Lagoon, Foutain-Pagot and Nautitec are all available for charter in Greece. But there are also less obvious choices to consider such as the Wharram Pahi 53.

A Lagoon 420 sailing in Greece The saloon of a Lagoon 420 perfect for a sailing holiday

We have worked with the owners of the two catamarans the last years. One of them is a Lagoon 420. This is a new catamaran, a 2008 model. I know she will be service to the highest standards. The Fantasy is excellent for sailing in Greece. It's big enough for 8 persons plus skipper because of one extra crew cabin in the front. If you want to sail this yacht with skipper and deckhand one of the normal cabins will be used by the crew. This means there are 3 double and 1 single cabins available. This catamaran is equipped with lots of extras such as a Air-conditioning, lcd-tv, DVD player, microwave and generator. See more details of the catamaran, click here for a price indication.

The other catamaran is a Lagoon 440. Almost the same as the 420 but it has a specific feature, a bridge deck. This means the wheel/helm and the engine controls are located on the roof which gives extra privacy on deck while sailing. Georgina is a 2007 model with 4 double cabins, and two single crew cabins, so perfect for a skipper and hostess/deckhand cruise with a maximum of 8 passengers. See more details of the catamaran, click here for a price indication.

If you are looking for a more ecological way of sailing in Greece you would have to consider a Wharram catamaran. The Wharram catamarans are a total different experience and based on the traditional Polynesian sailing catamarans. They are build more traditional and although they have the comforts of a modern yacht, you cannot compare them with a Lagoon or a Foutain-Pagot. The Wharram's are sailed in the Cyclades with a skipper only.

What Sailboat should I sail in Greece?

Because of the big choice of sailboats in Greece we think that finding a sailboat is more difficult then making a choice of a catamaran. To make it more easy we have pre selected some yachts that we have worked with in the past and that we know get good maintenance from the owners and are well equipped.

The reasons why you should charter a sailboat in Greece:

  • It is more easy to find room to moor a sailing yacht in crowded Mediterranean Greek ports, especially in July and August;
  • There more types of charter yachts to choose from, since the majority of charter yachts in Greece are monohull's;
  • A sailing yacht experiences less windage in gusts, which makes it more easy to raise or set anchor or to dock in windy or gusty conditions;
  • Sailing upwind and tacking are no problems, especially in a choppy sea;

Available Sailboats in Greece

One of the yachts that we work with alot is the Greek build and designed Ocean Star. Depending on the party we have sailed many weeks in the Ocean Star 51.2 and the bigger Ocean Star 56.1. The difference is deckspace and the number of cabins. The 51.2 had 4 cabins and the Ocean Star 56.1 has 5 cabins. The Ocean Star 56.1 also has airconditioning and a generator so that there is 220v available everywhere we stay. The yachts that we regularly work with are: Captain Manos is the Ocean Star 51.2 and Niva is the Ocean Star 56.1. For more details follow the above links, for prices click here.

Other sailboat and catamaran options

If the yacht you are looking for is not in the above information you can always send us
an e-mail or fill in the internet information request form and tell us what it is you are looking for.

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