All shades of blue, late afternoon in the Argo-Saronicos with the Peleponesos in the background.

Photos of Sailing Holidays in Greece

Photos say more then a thousand words. In this section you find a number of photo albums from some of the sailing holidays that we have organized. This page is always changing and new albums will be added so make sure to come again to see new routes and photos from sailing holidays in Greece. We will try to add a small description and a route map to all the photo albums.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you see something that you like or want more information about. The newest sailing holidays in Greece that we have organized will be on the top of the page. You will find route and photos from sailing holidays in the Dodekanisou, Cyclades, Argo-Saronicos, Ionian and special trips like sailing around the Peleponesis for 3 weeks!

2009 - 3 weeks sailing Greece around the Peleponesis.

We sailed this trip with a Ocean Star 51.1 owners version. Check-in was in Athens in Kalamaki marina and before we started to explore the Peleponesis we sailed around in the Argo- Saronicos. In this area there are many places to visit and you should make sure you don't miss Hydra and Spetses. From Spetses we sailed to Monemvasia. We visited Kithira, unfortunately only for one day, before heading to Kalamata. After 3 weeks we ended up in Katakolo. My clients sailed another 4 weeks in the Ionian before heading back to Athens for their check-out.
2009 Sailing in August 3rd week with Jim
2009 Sailing in August with Richard

2009 - 5 days sailing in Greece from Naxos to Naxos.

We sailed 5 days from Naxos to Amorgos and back. The first days of the trip the wind was very strong so we had to stay one extra day on Iraklia. The wind was north-north east so getting down from Naxos to Iraklia was a nice trip. Only with the Jib out on our Hanse 400 we still made 8 knots! After Iraklia we went to Amorgos with a short swim on route, in front of Kato Koufonisia. Amorgos is always good to visit and don't forget to visit The Monastery of Hozoviotissa. On our way back we had the perfect weather (no wind) to stay on anchor in one of the most beautiful bays on Pano Koufonisia.

2009 - 10 days sailing Greece from Naxos to Athens.

We started in Naxos and although it was Meltemi season the weather seamed good enough to sail up to Sifnos. Unfortunately the Meltemi did not wait for us to get out of the Cyclcades and before we arrived in Siros the wind increased. After Siros we sailed to Kithnos and stayed ther for the night. Next we left the Cyclades for the relative quit area of the Argo-Saronicos. Naxos, Spetses, Hydra (of course), Poros, Epidavros and Aegina. We tried to do some fishing and although the tuna was jumping all over the place the were not interested in the hooks.
2009 Sailing in August with Jan
2006 Sailing Greece with Jim in the Dodecanisa

2006 - One week sailing Greece in the Dodekanisa.

When you sail in the Dodekanisa you can start in Rhodes, Kos and Samos. This trip started in Rhodes and for one week sailing holiday in Greece that means the north side of the Dodekanisa is of limits when you don't want to be sailing all day. For a one week charter I would say that any of the start locations would be fine. The islands in this area that we visited where; Simi, Leros, Nisiros and Halki. When leaving and arriving in Rhodes you always need to be aware of the extra beauforts that build up in that corner. I does look difficult, but with the sails reefed in time it all works out fine.

2006 - Sailing from Athens to the Cyclades with an Italian Family.

This time we started in Athens for a one way trip around the Cyclades. Although not in the windy months July and August we found the wind just before returning to Athens. Serifos is always a windy place and this time it was no different. Because of the charter ending on Saturday we had to decide what we would do, either to sail the boat back alone or we would sail together. In the end we decided to leave Serifos just after midnight and a good 10 hours later we arrived in Athens. This trip we visited Kithnos, Serivos, Sifnos, Naxos, Paros and Mykonos. The boat we sailed was small and had some minor and some big issues. This made me aware of the different ways of doing maintenance on charter boats.
2006 Sailing from Athens to the Cyclades with an Italian Family
2005 Sailing with Brandon in the Argo-Saronikos

2006 - The Argo Saronicos another sailing area in Greece.

Catamarans are the perfect holiday yacht. They are almost like small appartments, most with generators and air-conditioning. The catamaran that we sailed was a Fountain Pajot, 42 foot. The first day we headed for Aegina and stayed in Ayia Marina. After this we sailed to Poros, Spetses, Hydra and Aegina again. One of the highlights of this trip was the school of 10 to 15 dolphins that joined us close to Spetses. There are some magical photos from them jumping out of the water in front of the cat. My friends/clients the South African family had some extra days left in Athens after they returned from their sailing trip so they could visit the important archeological sites of Athens.

2004 - Sail training with friends from Athens to Spetses and back.

A small yacht, a skipper and two eager students that's all that it takes to learn the basics of sailing. Although I have no sailing instructor license and I could not give my friends/clients a sailing license it is a nice way to get introduced to the art of sailing. I think that before you start with a serious sailing course it is best to do some fun sailing. Get to know what it means to have sailing skills, but beware: maybe you like it and don't want stop sailing. The Argo Saronicos has very nice ports to work on boat handling and because the distances between the ports in the area, there is also enough time to enjoy the crystal blue waters.
2004 Sailing with Belinda end Jeffery

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