The small port of Halki in Greece a perfect place to end after a day sailing from or before sailing back to Rhodes

Bareboat Sailing in Greece and Croatia

Bareboat sailing means renting a sailing yacht without a skipper or crew. If you are confident enough of your sailing skills, and more importantly your mooring and navigation skills, this is the way of sailing in Greece or Croatia. You can book a bareboat sailing charter in just about any part of Greece or Croatia. We work together with a small group of trusted boat owners and that means we canít help you everywhere.

Bareboat sailing will enable you to charter a yacht that is easy to handle and accommodate your family or friends. Based on your experience and the sailing period you need to choose one of the many sailing areas where we have yachts available. You can choose to sail small distances with low winds off the North Dalmatian coast of Croatia or the Ionian seas in Greece, or maybe you want the strong winds of the Cycladic Island in Greece. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will help you find the perfect sailing yacht for the area suited to you.

Whatever your choice, with a bareboat sailing charter in Croatia or Greece, you will enjoy sun filled days, turquoise waters and last but not least wonderful food. There are many itineraries for you to choose from if bareboat charter appeals to you. You can find some of our suggestions for sailing routes on our website but you are always more then welcome to ask us directly by e-mail or phone.

If you donít want the hassle of planning your trip and finding the best places in Greece or Croatia please look at our sailing with skipper in Greece pages.

Bareboat Sailing in Greece with the right qualifications

If you want to sail the boat by yourself it is necessary that you have the right qualifications, one crew-member needs to have a day-skipper license or equivalent and a second crew-member needs to have his or her competent crew license or equivalent. If you donít have competent crew but you think you have enough experience please show us a sailing resume and we will examine the possibilities.

Catamaran docked in Poros with Bareboat crew. Skipper having some relaxing time sailing the Ionian Sea in the port of Kioni Small fishing boats in Spetses

Prices and availability bareboat charters

For an indication of the prices for bareboat charters in Greece and Croatia please go to the page Prices for cruising and sailing holidays Greece and Croatia. If you want to know if the boat you would like to sail bareboat in Greece of Croatia is available please send us an e-mail or call us. We might even have a nice one-way or another interesting offer especially for you.

One of our clients said:

"I do have my sailing license and I can sail anywhere I want with my family, but I just don’t want the hassle. With a skipper I can take control anytime I want to sail but not have the stress of finding out where to go and how to get there."
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