Vathi on Sifnos has the perfect bay for anchoring, perfect for lunch and a swim or to stay all night.

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We are a small company and we love to make things personal. We charter skippered sailboats and catamarans with or without a hostess or deckhand for your sailing Holiday in Greece. Our company goal is to organize the perfect holiday in Greece for our "friends". We started our company with the idea to do it a little bit different. Yes we need to make money because our bills also need to get paid, however it's more then profit that we are after. We enjoy sailing and want to share this joy with other people. Walter Kruk the owner and person that started Ocean Nomads has many years of business experience in Holland.

Walter studied computer science in Holland and has worked many years for top companies in Holland. His last job was working for KLM, the dutch airline company, but he wanted something else. During his studies he was part of the dutch national athletic team and in this period he was out on the track every day. This being outside and active life was what he was missing as a consultant for the KLM.

After a holiday in Greece he realized that he needed to change his ways and decided that he would become a skipper in Greece on sailing yachts. This meant he would first learn how to sail and secondly he needed to start his new career in a new environment, Greece. In South Africa he got his sailing license and after that he went to Greece to start sailing and to really learn how to sail. While visiting Greece to learn Greek and to see if Greece gould be his new home he met Alexandra, his future wife and business partner.

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